Prevention and Relationship Enhancement Program

PREP offers a fresh approach. It is basic and straightforward. The workshop and material teach couples the skills they need to nurture a lasting love. Couples spend most of their time in special discussions or practicing skills. Key topics include expectations, commitment, forgiveness, feeling understood and sensuality.

PREP is not therapy and is probably unlike anything to which you have been exposed. No "encounter" group or sharing of personal concerns, no dry psychobabble... simply thrilling insights into a more loving, growth-filled relationship!

PREP begins with teaching effective communication skills, then addresses problem resolution strategies that work, reveals how to discover the hidden issues in every relationship, and then moves into caring, fun, and friendship.

Marriage Enrichment Workshop: The P.R.E.P. Approach

Learn the strategies that will help any couple build a wonderful relationship!

The Marine Corps Family Team Building staff and your chaplains have teamed up to offer you a truly outstanding program known as PREP. This program has proven so effective that it has been featured on "20/20", "48 Hours", "Oprah" and in the printed media. Whether you're engaged, newlyweds or married 20 years, this Marriage Enrichment Workshop is for you!

If you are married, engaged, seriously dating or want romance and passion in your marriage, the PREP approach is for you! Learn how to talk together as friends and sometimes shut out all of life's busyness to just be together. If you are determined to knock down communication walls that creep up with time and stress then again... the PREP approach is for you.

Come laugh and learn as we share the tremendous joy of connecting. Marriage can be an oasis of acceptance and appreciation. For everyone wanting to be understood, here's a simple, yet effective tool to bring insight and closeness to your relationship.

What You'll Learn

Enjoy the good times by learning the secrets of keeping busy lifestyles from crowding-out the fun in your relationship.
Gain fresh insight into why men and women see life so differently. You'll leave with a whole new appreciation for who you are and whom you love.
Learn the danger signs that can lead to marital discord and can eventually breakdown relationships. Discover how to express your concerns constructively and how to examine hidden issues and expectations that can build quickly in a marriage.
To Register call the MCFTB office at 928-269-6503 for this FREE opportunity.

Why consider attending a Marriage Enrichment Workshop?

All of us can improve our skills when it comes to loving the most important person in our life. Every couple starts off their relationship committed to make it work. Unfortunately, many of us simply do not know HOW to accomplish a healthy and fullfilling marriage. PREP can provide concrete strategies and tools to build a rewarding marriage.


Marriage Enrichment is not group therapy

Marriage Enrichment is an educational and practical application opportunity to learn what works in marriage (and what makes marriage work). It's not necessary to share short-falls with the group. Your confidentiality is important and will be protected.


Commands give people time off to attend Marriage Enrichment workshops

Commanders care about your family relationships because what happens at home can impact work.


Not a religious program

No religious or denominational teachings are included in "Marriage Enrichment: the PREP Approach".