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Information, Referral, and Relocation Information and Referral Specialist is available to provide individualized one-on-one telephone assistance in locating information, resources and referrals. Connecting Service members and families to the appropriate agency and organization, to assist with your immediate needs.

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PCS Smooth Move Workshop

Got orders to move to a new duty station? Knowing what to expect and who to contact, makes all the difference to navigate and reduce any challenges you may experience during your transition. Whether it's your first time moving or you are adept and have done it many times. No move is ever the same, however, our dedication to provide excellent service remains unchanged.

The PCS Smooth Move workshop provides information for personnel making a Permanent Change of Station (PCS) transfer to another base within the United States (CONUS) or to an overseas location (OCONUS).  Topics covered include: travel and pay entitlements, shipping personal property, moving with pets, moving tips and resources, POV entitlements, information and resources for PCSing with children, and more. As per MCO1754.10A, attendance is mandatory for all departing military personnel. Spouses are welcome and encouraged to attend. 

Registration is required. 




Welcome Aboard Brief

Welcome to MCAS Yuma. We want to ensure you have a positive head start to your relocation.  Let us help get you settled into your new duty station. Whether it’s a new school, child care, job, housing, resources for support, get connected! We’ll introduce you to the on and off-base community as you settle in. Contact our Information, Referral, and Relocation Program for an Electronic Welcome Aboard Packet (EWAP). 

The EWAP is a welcome letter filled with lots of the same type of resources found in a typical welcome aboard package.  However, this EWAP provides you with an opportunity to research and plan for your move via hyperlinks to various websites. Once you arrive here at MCAS Yuma, we encourage you and your spouse/significant other, to attend our Welcome Aboard Brief where there will be additional information and resources provided.

The Welcome Aboard Brief is held on the 3rd Wednesday of each month 8:00 a.m. - 10:30 a.m. All newcomers; military and civilian personnel, are required to attend.  Spouses of personnel are welcome and encouraged to attend. Subject matter experts on hand to answer all your questions. This workshop is virtual due to COVID-19.

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Do you need a Sponsor?

Would you like someone to help you and your family get settled in? Sponsors provide assistance to service members and their families during a relocation under PCS assignments to reduce the stress and challenges associated with relocating. Sponsors assist with getting acclimated with the member’s unit, base, and the surrounding community. Youth Sponsorship Programs are available for young children and young teenagers.

For more information on sponsors see MCO 1320.11G. If you have questions on how to obtain a sponsor speak with your current command or you can call  928-269-6499 or fill out the form above.

Sponsorship Coordinator Training

This training will provide command personnel designated as the Unit Sponsorship Coordinator (USC) or Senior Enlisted Advisor with the necessary tools and resources to train individuals within the command to assist transferring service members and family members. This course will provide attendees with a checklist of sponsorship duties, sponsorship forms and questionnaires, and up to date information regarding local resources. Goals upon completion:

  • Verbally explain the Marine Corps Sponsorship Program and have the knowledge to train and assign command personnel as Sponsors.  
  • Possess the ability and knowledge to function as a Unit Sponsorship Coordinator.  
  • Understand Sponsorship Program responsibilities listed in MCO 1320.11G and proper completion of NAVMC forms

Registration is required.