CREDO offers retreats that help people grow towards increased functional ability, spiritual maturity, acceptance of responsibility, and enhanced readiness. CREDO offers the following core programs and services.


  • Offers married couples and individuals retreats promoting professional, personal, relational and spiritual growth.
  • Offers transformational, retreat-based and seminar-based programs designed to assist participants in developing the spiritual resources and resiliency.
  • Religious but not faith-group specific, and provides a venue where people of various backgrounds can strengthen individual spirituality.
  • Diverse community with respect to life experiences, practices, and beliefs.
  • Programming includes Marriage Enrichment Retreat, Personal Growth Retreat, Women’s Retreat, Family Enrichment Retreat, Middle School Weekend Retreat, and Warrior Resiliency Retreats.

All programs and events are available to service members free of charge.  All military married couples with a legally valid marriage are eligible to participate in CREDO marriage and family programs. CREDO directors shall ensure that all participants have a legally valid marriage as a prerequisite for registration for these programs. 

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