MCCS Yuma Quick Reference Guide to MCCS Yuma Facilities

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How to use this Quick Reference:
Marine Corps Community Services facilities are open and ready to serve you. Use the Quick Links buttons above to jump to a different topic. Each topic's facilities are listed in alphabetical order for easy and quick finding. This page is updated as needed with change. If you have any questions or feedback, please email the webmaster.


Auto Skills

Bldg 564

Wed-Fri 1200-1800

Sat 0900-1700

Sun & Holidays: CLOSED

Face Masks and gloves are highly encouraged.

  • All tools will be disinfected prior upon check in.
  • Floor spacers placed throughout high traffic areas. 
  • No overnight projects for new patrons. Basic vehicle maintenance and repairs permitted.
  • Case-by-case considerations for welding, tire shop, and machine shop per project
  • Stalls to issue as every other stall to keep social distance between patrons
  • Staff is available to observe and guide only. 


Barber Shop

Bldg 965 (Inside of MCX)

Mon-Fri 0700-1600
Sat 0930-1500
Sun 0800-1500

Holidays: CLOSED

Face mask required upon entry into the establishment. Walk ins available, appointment highly recommended. Call 928-269-2115 for more information. 

Great Escapes Travel ITT & Laser's Edge Engraving

Bldg 965 (Inside MCX)

Mon - Fri: 0900-1600

Sat, Sun, Holidays: CLOSED

Limit 10 patrons.

Inns of the Corps 24/7

Call 928.269.2262 to reach the front desk and/or make reservations.

Limit 10 patrons in the lobby & general gatherings.

Marine Mart CADC

Mon – Fri: 0500-2100
Sat: 0800-1700
Sun: 1000-1700

Holidays: CLOSED

Limit 10 patrons, face mask required.


Marine Mart Gas Station

Bldg 570 Quilter St.


Mon-Fri: 0500-2100
Sat: 0800-1700
Sun: 1000-1700

Face mask required.

Phone: 928.269.2110

Flightline Marine Mart 

Bldg 55 O'Neill St.

Mon-Fri 0600-1900

Sat 0800-1700

Sun 1000-1700

Holidays 0800-1300

Face mask required. 

Phone: 928.269.2821


Bldg 965 Quilter St.

Phone: 928.269.3567

Mon - Fri 0700-1800

Sat-Sun & Holidays:

Face Mask required.

Weapon counter: patrons are required to wear gloves to handle weapons and the weapons will be sanitized after handling. 

Shop Online, ship to store for free! SHOP

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Bldg 1177

Phone: 928.269.2371

Food pantry & non-mandated counseling.

Bldg 228

Phone: 928.269.3201

Station ID

Bldg 852

Phone: 928.269.3588

Legal Assistance

Bldg 852

Phone: 928.269.3636

Leases, Divorce, Consumer Issues

Provost Marshalls Office

Bldg 916

Phone: 928.269.2205

Post Office

Bldg 691

Phone: 928.269.3199

Pass and Registration Phone: 928.269.2888 Base vehicle registration, weapons registration, etc.
Base Housing 

Bldg 1093

Phone: 928.269.2826

On-base housing applications
Safety Office

Bldg 460

Phone: 928.269.5699

Motorcycle safety, OSHA, Arrive Alive
Animal Control

Bldg 1210

Phone: 928.269.6303

VITA Tax Center

Bldg 852

Phone: 928.269.3277

Drop off services only.
Branch Health Clinic Bldg 1175
  • Front Desk Line: 928.269.2416
  • Appointment Line: 928.269.2700
  • Pharmacy: 928.269.6577

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Afterburner Flightline Grill Coming Soon!  

CHOPZ & Hot Stuff Pizza

Bldg 570 Quilter St.

Mon-Fri 0530-1900

Salads, wraps, subs, burritos, and pizza. Located inside of the Marine Mart Gas Station.

Phone: 928.269.2110

Desert Perk Coffee Shop

Bldg 965 Quilter St.

Mon-Fri 0600-1300
Holidays: Closed

Located inside of the Food Court and MCX, perk your mornings up with a delicious coffee hot or cold, handcrafted by your favorite baristas. 

View Menu

Phone: 928-269-2397

Flightline Express  Mon-Fri 0600-1300
Holidays: Closed
Location varies. Call 928-269-7033
Food Court Hours Vary 

Face mask required. Takeout only.


Benito's will deliver! 928.269.4444 

Sun – Thu 1030-2300
Fri & Sat 1030-2400
Holidays 1030-2300
Christmas Eve 1030-2000
Thanksgiving & Christmas - Closed



Sunday – Thursday 0600-2300  
Friday & Saturday 0600-2400 
Holiday’s 0600-2300
Thanksgiving & Christmas – Hours will vary, please call 928.344.0249.


1000-2200 Daily
(928) 726-2223


Mon - Fri 0700-2200
Sat 0800-2200
Sun 0800-2100 
Holidays 1100-1800
Thanksgiving, Christmas & New Year's Hours will vary - please call 928-269-3466.

Sunset Lanes and Grill

Bldg 673 Narr Ave.

Wed-Thu: 1100-1700


Sun: 1200-1800

Wings, wraps, pizzas, and so much more! Buy a combo, get a free game of bowling along with it.

View the menu

The Club

Bldg 1200 Hart St.

Wed-Fri 1100-1300

Wed-Fri 1700-2200

Holidays: Closed

Check out our new menu, and join us for weekly dinner specials including $1 Wing Wednesday, $1.50 Taco Thursday, and Frosty Friday. DETAILS

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Arizona Adventures

Bldg 562 Halstead Ave.

Mon-Tues, Thu-Fri

Sat 0800-1400

Equipment Returns Only:
Sun 1000-1400

Holidays: Closed


NEW: Make a reservation request online!

Limit 10 patrons in the lobby.
Motorized rentals available to ACTIVE DUTY ONLY, must have proper certification ( and base safety course).
Must be DoD Cardholders, dependant, or Retiree to access. 

Phone: 928.269.2848

Athletics & Intramural Sports

Bldg 693 Martini Ave.

Mon - Fri: 0800 - 1600

Holidays: Closed

Phone: 928.269.2383 / 928.269.2280 

Martinez Lake Recreation 24/7

Enjoy lake views, cabin / park model getaways, camping, and prim sites. Available for active duty, retirees, DoD Civilians. Now Booking!

Phone: 928.269.2262

Oasis Pool

Bldg 685 Quilter St.

Office: Mon - Fri: 0800-1600 (located Athletics office)

Pool is closed for the season.

Phone: 928.269.2914


SMP Rec Center

Bldg 1200, Hart St. (West Entrance)

Sun - Thu: 1000-2000

Fri - Sat: 1000-2200

Check out the monthly meetings with the council, events, volunteer opportunities, and gaming tournaments by clicking on our calendar!

Phone: 928.269.5794

Station Gym

Bldg 545 Quilter St.



Sat-Sun & Holidays


Limited to 50 patrons- Active Duty Military members ONLY. 
1 Hour time limit. 
Face mask & 6ft separation are mandatory - ZERO TOLERANCE POLICY. 
Partner workouts and spotting is not permitted. 
Patrons MUST disenfect everything they touch, NO EXCEPTIONS.
Water fountains are not permitted, patrons must bring their own source of water. 
All programs/services in the Gym are suspended until further notice. 

Phone: 928.269.2727

Sunset Lanes (Bowling)

Bldg 672 Narr Ave.

Wed-Thu: 1100-1700


Sun: 1200-1800

Face mask required. 

Sunset Lanes Precautions:

  • 1 person in line at counter at a time unless they are in the same group reserving lanes
  • 6 feet of social distancing encouraged.
  • Staff members required to wear masks and gloves
  • Hourly sanitization of frequently touched surfaces, i.e. bowling balls, shoes, furniture, ball returns, scoring system.

Phone: 928.269.5585

Sunset Cinema 

Bldg 673 Narr Ave.


Fri 1800

Sat 1200, 1500, 1800

Sun 1200, 1500

Buy tickets online only here.

Must wear face mask. 

Phone: 928.269.5585

Youth Sports

Bldg 693 Martini Ave.

Mon - Fri: 0800-1600

Holidays: Closed

Certain youth sports are available to sign up. Check them out here.

Phone: 928.269.2324

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Child Development Center

Bldg 1085

Mon-Fri: 0630-1800

Holidays: Closed

Please ensure your military child care account is up to date, as we are going based off of the Supplanting Matrix. Visit the Child Development Center main site to view menus.

Office 928.269.2350

Exceptional Family Member Program

Bldg 1071

Office Hours
Mon-Fri: 0800-1600

Holidays: Closed


Family Advocacy Program

Bldg 598 Narr Ave.

Mon-Fri: 0700-1630

Holidays: Closed

Provides education and prevention-focused services to our Marines and families. Classes are available on

  • relationships
  • anger management
  • stress management 
  • parenting

and more. 

Victim Advocates are available to provide crisis intervention 24/7 to victims of domestic abuse, and non-offending parents of children who have been abused. Call us on our hotline 928-941-3650

Marine Corps Family Team Building

Bldg 598 Narr Ave.

Mon-Fri 0730-1630

Holidays: Closed

The Military lifestyle can be challenging - MCFTB can help! Our subject matter experts on the military lifestyle can provide Marines and families with tools and resources needed to enhance mission readiness. 

View Available Classes

Phone: 928.269.6550

New Parent Support Program 

Bldg 645 Rm 106

Mon-Fri 0730-1600

Holidays: Closed

Whether you're a new parent or a seasoned one, adding to the family doesn't have to be stressful. Our staff of registered nurses, social workers, and counselors support parenthood with a variety of programs to include

  • home visits
  • support groups
  • parenting classes
  • baby bootcamps

and more for those who are expecting or raising children 0-5 years of age.

Get In Touch 

Phone: 928.269.2308

School Liaison

Bldg 1071

Mon-Fri: 0800-1630

Holidays: Closed

Office 928.269.5373
Work Cell 928.941.9709

Station Library

Bldg 691 Quilter St.

Mon-Wed 0800-2000

Thu-Fri 0800-1600

Sat 1000-1400

Sun 1200-1600

Holidays: Closed


Youth Center 

Bldg 1085

Office Hours
Mon-Fri: 0600-1800

Holidays: Closed

Office 928.269.2350

Youth Sports 

Bldg 693

Closed for the season.  

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Family Member Employment Assistance Program


Mon-Fri: 0600-1800

Holidays: Closed 

Office 928.269.2680

Information and Referral

Bldg 850

Mon-Fri: 0730-1600

Holidays: Closed

Office: 928.269.6499

Personal Finance Management 

Bldg 1093

Mon-Fri: 0800-1630

Holidays: Closed

Office 928.269.2034

Station Library

Bldg 691

Mon-Wed 0800-2000

Thu-Fri 0800-1600

Sat 1000-1400

Sun 1200-1600

Holidays: Closed

Office 928.269.2785

Transition Readiness Program

Bldg 852

Mon-Fri 0700-1530

Holidays: Closed

Office: 928.269.3159

Voluntary Education

Bldg 852

Mon-Fri: 0730-1600

Holidays: Closed

Take College 101 online, find information on tuition assistance, GI Bill, FAFSA, and so much more.

Office: 928.269.3589

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Community Counseling Program

Bldg 598 Narr Ave.

Mon-Fri: 0730-1630

Holidays: Closed

Office 928.269.2561

Drug Demand Reduction Program

Bldg 598 Rm 143

Office Hours
Mon-Fri: 0730-1600

Holidays: Closed

Office: 928.269.2791

Sexual Assault Prevention & Response

Bldg 598

Mon-Fri: 0800-1630

Holidays: Closed

Office 928.269.2994
24/7 Hotline 928.941.3601

Substance Abuse Counseling Center

Bldg 598 West Entrance

Office Hours
Mon & Fri: 0600-1630
Tues-Thu: 0600-1800
Holidays: Closed

*0600-0700 by appointment only

Office 928.269.5634

Substance Misuse Program

Bldg 598 

Mon-Fri 0730-1600

Holidays: Closed

Phone: 928.269.3079

Suicide Prevention

Bldg 598 

Mon-Fri 0730-1630

24/7 DSTRESS Hotline: 

Office Phone: 928.269.2561

Continue to follow us for community updates.

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