Alcohol Abuse Prevention Program

The Alcohol Abuse Prevention Program’s primary purpose is to provide prevention education and training to both military and civilians to enhance mission readiness. The program also provides requisite knowledge of the effects of alcohol abuse and misuse, to ultimately assist in making responsible decisions. The Alcohol Screening Program was also developed to help maximize mission readiness and the program administers random Breathalyzer tests to 10% of all Marines/Sailors each month.

The Alcohol Abuse Prevention Program’s primary responsibility is to support Marine alcohol abuse prevention activities, and review surrounding community reports detailing the current alcohol situation or other reports as appropriate is important. The AAPP’s goal is to help identify risk factors in the base community that relate to alcohol incidents. The primary goals are (1) to reduce alcohol related incidents, (2) eliminate/reduce under-age drinking, and (3) reduce alcohol related problems due to driving under the influence. Trainings and educational classes are offered at least once a month for the Marines/Sailors and their dependents at the Substance Abuse Counseling Center. Activities and events are also coordinated through the Alcohol Abuse Prevention Program to reach MCAS staff, leaders, youth, and other community stake holders.


Alcohol Screening Program Training

The Alcohol Screening Program Training is designed for new Alcohol Screening Program Coordinators or for those that will like a refresher on the ASP requirements. In this training, the letter of instruction, Standard Operation Procedures, and new MARADMINs are reviewed.

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Alcohol's Effects on the Body

Drinking too much – on a single occasion or over time – can take a serious toll on your health.  In this training you will learn about the harmful effects of alcohol to the body. 


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You Call The Shots…

In this training you will learn to understand how many Standard Drink Units (SDU’s) are in popular alcoholic beverages and dispel common myths about alcohol consumption.  You will also learn how each unit of alcohol impacts your blood alcohol levels (BAC) and the amount of time it takes for your BAC to return to 0.0. There are many factors that may determine when an individual reaches various BAC levels. Those factors include alcohol content and the rate at which the body metabolizes alcohol given a person’s weight, gender, and drinking pattern.  


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Let’s Raise a Glass to the MOCKTAIL!

If you think the only drink worth having has alcohol, think again and discover the delights and benefits of a Mocktail.  From frozen mojitos, margaritas, and Aguas Frescas.   Mocktails is a 60 minute presentation for those individuals that choose to drink low risk, choose not to drink, or are underage and will like to learn to make these delicious liquor-free beverages for your special occasion, parties, or events.  


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