Community Counseling

Using an integrated community health approach, the Community Counseling Program (CCP) equips Marines and families with the skills to address life’s challenges before there is a significant impact to performance in their duties and relationships.  The CCP assists Marines and families in accomplishing their personal goals through short-term solution-focused counseling, skill enhancement, education and referrals to other helping resources.

Services Offered

  • Training, education and other psychological health preventative services intended to reduce the severity and support positive outcomes.
  • Confidential care worldwide ensuring access to behavioral health services and assisting Marines and families in navigating the many support resources available.
  • Coordination of care that meets individualized Marine and family needs.
  • Collaboration with an individual’s family and Command encouraging the development and maintenance of social supports, while reducing stigma by emphasizing that help-seeking is a strength-based action.
  • Non-medical short-term counseling interventions for Marines who have experienced Military Sexual Trauma.
  • Program/service navigation between psychological health services of Marine Corps and Navy Medicine.
  • Evidence-based client screening tools and assessments.
  • Evidence-based short-term, non-medical counseling interventions that teach clients skills to solve everyday stressors.
  • Care coordination and continued 90-day follow-up through the Marine Intercept Program for all Marines identified with suicidal ideations or attempts.