Registration, Admission & Payment

Patrons that are eligible for childcare services are those that have children 6 weeks to 5 years old (not enrolled in Kindergarten) and meet one of the following requirements: active duty, department of defense employees, reservists on active orders, military retirees, or contractors all of whom must be attached to the Marine Corps Air Station Yuma. patrons are required to complete an Application for Child Care DD form 2606 for child care services.

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Fees and Charges

Fees are based on total family income and are due each week on Monday. These must be paid before 5:15pm. The center does not accept payments on any day after 5:15pm. Patrons are welcome to pay on a weekly basis or may pay for as many weeks ahead of time as they choose. Weekly fees are not reduced for children that are absent for any reason. Fees are not prorated for holiday closures.

Drop-In Care Fees

The CDC has space available for drop-in child care. Reservations for these spaces are taken one week in advance in hourly increments. Reservations start at 6:00am on Monday mornings. Reservations have to be canceled with 24 hours of notice or a $10.00 non-cancellation fee is applied.Children could be cared for in a multi-aged classroom.

Fees are based on total family income those that choose not to verify income with a current leave and earnings statement will pay the highest fee category. Relief in fees requests may be submitted through the sponsor's and CYTP command for review. Forms are available at the CDC.


The CDC offers different payment options. You may pay on-site, over the phone, or online. To pay online, please ensure that you know the correct amount to pay for services. Only registered CDC patrons can make online payments. To make an online payment, click the "Pay Now" link below, when the new page opens, enter the amount you owe and then click on "Update" to ensure that the amount you owe is included in your payment. Then fill out the registration and payment information, and then click "Pay". 

Specify Program Payment is For
Name of Child(ren)
Sponsor's Name (first & last)

Discipline Policy

The CDC encourages children to become responsible, caring individuals through the development of self-control and respect for the rights of others. Positive disciplinary techniques such as redirection, positive verbal reinforcement, choices and temporarily removing children from stressful situations are employed. Each classroom has a "time-out" area that allows a child the time and space needed to gain control of their emotions and reflect upon their behavior.