Financial Workshops

Financial Fitness Workshop

Provides basic budget, credit card, credit report and Thrift Savings Plan (TSP) information on basics.  This workshop will assist all attendees with basics for developing a budget plus basic info on TSP & credit reports.
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2nd Wednesday
(Through May)
8:00-930 am

Starting in June 2015, the PFMP Office will be starting a Brown Bag Lunch class held the second Wednesday of each month.  Each class will focus on a different topic/theme.  Watch for updates on the upcoming Brown Bag Lunch series.

2nd Wednesday
11:30am -12:30 pm

The Personal Financial Management Program Office provides free in-office counseling with appt, and on site briefs for squadrons on various financial topics. Contact the PFMP Office to request an appt or to schedule a brief.


Car Buying Workshop

What a good deal when buying a car.  This workshop will provide you all the tips and tricks in buying a car.  Know exactly what is that right price!


Home Buying Workshop

This workshop gives you the insight information on buying a new or used home.  What do you need to know, how negotiate and understanding the mortgage process.  Before making that first step, attend the workshop to gather all the right tools. Home buying workshop will provide the 1st time or the seasoned buyer to learn techniques on negotiating with a Realtor and Mortgage company.  Call for reservation, 269-2034.


Thrift Savings Plan (TSP)

TSP will be explained in detail all the funds available.  What is the cost, risk factor and the right fund.  Take the mystery out of TSP and understand the power you have to make a difference for your future.


Understanding Your Credit Report

What is in your credit report?  Is it accurate?  How do I get a free copy?  What is my credit score?  All these answers will be provided.  Understand the power of your credit report.