Kindergarten Readiness & AZ Immunizations

Kindergarten Readiness Checklist

In the state of Arizona, a child is eligible for admission to kindergarten if the child is 5 years of age by September 1st.  However, age is only one factor in determining kindergarten readiness.  Social, emotional, cognitive and physical development should also be taken into account.  The following list will give you an idea of the necessary skills a child should have mastered in order to receive the greatest benefit from his/her kindergarten experience.

AZED Kindergarten Information

Kindergarden Readiness Resource

Social & Emotional Development Language

  • Use words instead of being physical when angry
  • Listen to stories without interrupting
  • Follow two-step directions
  • Ask for help when necessary
  • Pay attention for short periods of time to adult-directed tasks
  • Stay with an activity to completion
  • Initiate and sustain appropriate play with other children
  • Begin to share with others and understand her/him taking turns
  • Comply with rules, limits, and Academic routines
  • Be able to recognize authority
  • Interact appropriately with adults
  • Respect the rights, property, and feelings of others
  • Begin to control themselves
  • Dress themselves(button shirts, pants, coat)
  • Manage bathroom needs independently
  • Separate from parents for extended period time
  • Attempt new tasks knowing it’s okay to make mistakes


  • Speak in complete sentences of 5-6 words
  • Use descriptive language
  • Sign and/or recite rhymes
  • Pretend, create and make-up songs and stories
  • Talk about everyday experiences
  • Tell or retell stories
  • Enjoy having books read to him/her
  • Ask questions
  • Verbally and appropriately responds to a topic
  • Express his/her ideas so others can understand him/her


  • Look at pictures and then tell stories
  • Identify some alphabet letters
  • Count to 10
  • Correctly count at least 3 objects
  • Identify own first name in writing
  • Attempt to print own first name
  • Recognize and identify 5 colors
  • Understand concepts such as in/out, under/on,  on/off, front/back
  • Participate in art and music activities
  • Know her/him body parts (head, shoulders, knees, etc.)
  • Draw a picture of her/himself including head, body arms and legs
  • Use words like bigger, smaller, or heaviest

Motor Skills

  • Hold scissors correctly     
  • Holds a pencil, crayon or marker properly
  • Put together a 10-12 piece puzzle
  • Ride a tricycle
  • Run, jump, and skip
  • Walk backwards

Arizona Immunization Requirements

Students must have proof of all required immunizations, or a valid exemption, in order to attend school. Arizona law allows exemptions for medical reasons, lab evidence of immunity, and personal beliefs. Exemption forms are available from schools by clicking here (AZDHS Forms)

View Arizona Immunization Requirements

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