School Questions

Recommended Questions For Parents To Ask

  1. How can I obtain a copy of the school's report card?
  2. Is the school a Title One school? (This means that 50% or more of the student body qualifies for free and reduced lunch)
  3. What is the typical class size?  How large is your student body?
  4. What kind of support programs does the school offer?  (Gifted &   Talented, Before & After School programs,  After school clubs, drama, music, athletics, computers, library, tutoring, etc.)
  5. What is the homework policy?
  6. How often do the classes take fieldtrips?
  7. Is there an active PTA/PTO?
  8. What kind of parent involvement/volunteer opportunities are there?
  9. Does the school have an open door policy for parents?
  10. Does the school district have “Open Enrollment?
  11. Is preschool free or on a tuition basis?
  12. Are most of the children in school reading at grade level?
  13. Is bus transportation provided?
  14. What standardized tests will my student take at your school?
  15. When will the yearly standardized tests be administered?
  16. What is the district’s graduation rate?
  17. Do you have a district/school profile available for parents?
  18. How safe is the neighborhood around the school?
  19. How does the school communicate with parents?
  20. Is there an online program where parents can access student information?
  21. Is the school aesthetically inviting for all who walk in through the   front door?
  22. Do you offer tours of your school grounds?


Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are there schools on MCAS Yuma?


Children who live on MCAS Yuma are provided transportation to Palmcroft Elementary School, Woodard Junior High School (Yuma One Elementary School District), and Kofa High School (Yuma Union High School District). 

Children who live in 16th Street Housing are in the school bounderies of Ronald Reagan Elementary School, Centennial Middle School (Crane School District) and Cibola High School (Yuma Union High School District).

School-age children who live off installation attend the school they are districted to(Boundary Maps available on each district's website).

2. Which school is the best attend?

Each parent and child must decide which school is best for them. This decision is best made by visiting prospective schools, researching the schools via their web page and talking to teachers, children and administrators.

3. Once I have determined where residence will be in yuma, how can i find out which school my child will attend?

Please contact the School Liaison Officer to determine what school district you are residing in. Yuma is an open enrollment school system. The School Liaison can help answer any questions you may have about open enrollment.

4. Where can I get school calendar information and when does school start?

Each school district posts their calendar information on their web site. You may also contact the MCAS Yuma School Liaison for all pertinant school information. 


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