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Domestic Abuse is Never OK

Domestic violence is a serious and preventable public health issue.  Domestic violence isn’t something that happens only to people on television or on the news.  

No one deserves to be abused and anyone can be a victim. Your co-worker, your neighbor, or your loved one could be in an unsafe relationship.  

Everyone should take a stand to stop domestic violence and keep our communities safe. Even the simplest of actions can help protect those experiencing abuse. Your concern and support can help change a person’s life. 

Know the Warning Signs 

Abusive behavior 

  • Strictly controls partner’s money and appearance 

  • Excessively texts and calls partner 

  • Insults, humiliates, and puts down partner 

  • Demonstrates extreme jealousy 

  • Limits partner’s access to family and/or friends 

  • Hits, pushes, grabs, and/or shoves partner 

Behavior of someone who is experiencing abuse 

  • Acts fearful around partner 

  • Frequently changes plans at the last minute 

  • Provides explanations for injuries which don’t make sense 

  • Avoids friends and family 

  • Displays unexplained changes in behavior 

What You Can Do 

  • Let the person know that you believe him or her and assist with calling the Family Advocacy Program to report the abuse and receive assistance. 

  • Reassure the person that the abuse is not his or her fault. Abuse can happen to anyone and make sure that the person understands that everyone deserves to be safe.  

  • Ask how you can help. Offer to accompany the person to appointments, offer a ride, provide child care, or make yourself available to provide support. 

Preventing and responding to child abuse and domestic abuse allegations is the responsibility of all Marines. Domestic violence is preventable with the help of all members of the community. 

If you or someone you know is being abused and is in immediate danger, call 911. For assistance or additional resources, please contact your installation Family Advocacy Program, Military OneSource (800-342-9647), or the National Domestic Violence Hotline (800-799-7233).   

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