This component of Child and Youth Programs is a one stop shop for registration for any child care and youth program. Eligible families are able to request full day, school age care or camp at any time, from any location through It is recommended to add an unborn child to the wait list via as soon as a pregnancy is confirmed. Questions regarding estimated child care wait times can be answered by the R&R office.

A registration packet will be required to be completed in order to utilize any program. Proof of dependency, a current health assessment - to include medical diagnosis for any allergy or special need and updated immunizations - to include a current Flu shot for any child 6 months and older, are required documents for enrollment.

Department of Defense Priority Policy Change: The Secretary of Defense issued a priority policy change to clarify situations where military families will be afforded priority access to military child care. CYP Patrons were provided the initial notification of the policy change on 1 September 2020, as instructed. Per Secretary of Defense Policy memo dated 23 April 2020, each wage earner will provide current leave and earnings statement at time of enrollment and annually thereafter to verify child care eligibility. The R&R office will determine if patron meets eligibility requirements at time of enrollment.

The R&R office will give a supplanting letter (45 day notice of child care termination) to any CYP Patron whose priority changes (lowers) with the updated policy change, only if there is a higher priority family on the wait list needing that specific age group. Families with the lowest priority and least CYP tenure and most recent placement date will be supplanted first to make room for children with a higher priority for care. The last child enrolled with the lowest priority will be the first to be supplanted and will receive a 45 day notice (letter). When a family is supplanted, they will be provided the option to request to be added back on the wait list.

The Child Care Aware of America information will be given to Active Duty families as a resource while waiting for care at our facility. Utilizing CCAofA will not interfere with the child care request within, it is simply an additional resource for families seeking child care.

A Parent Board meets quarterly to discuss items of interest, concerns and improvements to the program. Parents are encouraged to attend meetings to provide feedback for the success of the program. Parent Board Minutes are posted on the read board in all 3 CYP Buildings 1071, 1085 and 1050.

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