The Alcohol Abuse Prevention Program's primary purpose is to provide prevention education and training to both military and civilians to enhance mission readiness. The program also provides requisite knowledge of the effects of alcohol abuse and misuse, to ultimately assist in making low-risk decisions. The Alcohol Screening Program was also developed to help maximize mission readiness and administers random Breathalyzer tests to 10% of all Marines/Sailors each month. 

The Alcohol Abuse Prevention Program’s primary responsibility is to support Marine and Sailor alcohol misuse prevention activities and review surrounding community reports detailing the current alcohol situation or other reports as appropriate. The AAPP’s goal is to help identify risk factors in the base community that relate to alcohol incidents. The primary goals are (1) to reduce alcohol-related incidents, (2) to eliminate/reduce underage drinking, and (3) to reduce alcohol-related problems due to driving under the influence. Trainings and educational classes are offered at least once a month for the Marines/Sailors and their dependents at the Substance Abuse Counseling Center. Activities and events are also coordinated through the Alcohol Abuse Prevention Program to reach MCAS staff, leaders, youth, and other community stakeholders. 


PRIME For Life is a preventative course offered USMC-wide and is taught monthly, in a 4.5-hour classroom format. Prime for Life is an evidence-based motivational prevention, intervention, and pretreatment program specifically intended for individuals who want to learn what making high-risk choices looks like and even to examine their own possible high-risk behaviors. It is designed to challenge common beliefs and attitudes that directly contribute to high-risk alcohol and drug use. The PFL approach helps Marines and Sailors explore how they perceive risk in order to focus on protecting their values. 


The Alcohol Screening Program Training is designed for new Alcohol Screening Program Coordinators or for those that will like a refresher on the ASP requirements. In this training, the letter of instruction, Standard Operation Procedures, and new MARADMINs are reviewed. 


The Alcohol: Enhancing What You Know workshop is an opportunity to learn about the levels of drinking while developing a better understanding of the concerns related to each level of drinking. Do you drink alcohol? Do you drink just at special occasions? Do you drink daily? Why does it even matter how much or how often you consume alcohol? With the use of “drunk goggles”, allow yourself to bust myths about alcohol while entertaining the idea of low-risk drinking to better support mission readiness. This monthly workshop, with the assistance of the “drunk goggles”, allows participants to experience how alcohol impairment challenges hand-eye coordination and skills required in making safe and low-risk choices. This workshop helps foster teamwork and communication skills while raising awareness of the dangers of drinking and driving and promotes low-risk drinking. 

SURVIVE the RIDE (coming soon)

This workshop is an interactive means for bringing awareness to the dangers and severity of impaired driving. This workshop is used as a preventative method to help in developing healthy views of or challenging high-risk beliefs about drinking and driving. In a group setting, participants will operate the pedal go-carts while wearing “drunk goggles” to simulate impaired driving, in a safe and controlled environment. Survive the Ride is intended to promote sober driving while offering alternatives to driving under the influence of alcohol in order to minimize and eliminate alcohol-related incidents of driving under the influence.


If you think the only drink worth having is alcohol or consists of alcohol, think again! In this 60-minute workshop, discover the delights and benefits of a Mocktail. For those who want to drink low-risk, those who are underage, or those who simply choose not to consume alcohol: make your own mocktails. This workshop is by request and drink options are endless. Call for further details and to book your workshop.


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