The Voluntary Education Program provides personal and professional learning opportunities to the Marine Corps community.  Services and resources are provided by qualified counselors and advisors in cooperation with education service providers through individual and group counseling, workshops and training opportunities to include testing for college credit and pre-admission.

Marine Corps Credentialing Online


COOL (Credentialing Opportunities On-Line) helps Marines find information on certifications and licenses related to their Military Occupational Specialties (MOS). COOL explains how Marines can meet civilian certification and license requirements and provides links to numerous resources to help get them started. COOL can also help you understand ways to get a credential or complete your education in order to maximize your professional development.


The United Services Military Apprenticeship Program (USMAP) is a formal military training program that provides service members the opportunity to improve job skills and complete civilian apprenticeship requirements while on active duty.  USMAP requires no off-duty hours.  It combines on-the-job training and related technical instruction in which you receive practical and technical training.  Each apprenticeship requires 2,000, 4,000, 6,000 or 8,000 work hours to complete.  Upon program completion, the US Dept of Labor (DOL) provides the nationally-recognized “Certificate of Completion”. 

The Department of Labor (DOL) is the Federal agency responsible for the administration of the National Apprenticeship System in the United States. USMAP is the DOL sponsor for all military apprenticeships. All DOL sponsors have a written set of standards that set the guidelines for apprenticeships. These standards are tailored to fit USMAP's military mission.


Program is free and requires no off-duty hours
Receive national recognition as a DOL apprentice
Have documented proof of work experience
DOL registered apprentices are sought after by employers

A service member can become an apprentice if you meet all the following requirements: 

Are active duty Coast Guard, Marine Corps, or Navy
Have sufficient time to complete the program while on active duty
Possess a high school diploma or GED 
Are assigned to, and are performing duties in, an authorized trade occupation

If you would like to learn more about USMAP, please stop by the Education Center for more information.

Education Counseling

The Voluntary Education Program is staffed by trained counselors capable of providing academic and career counseling to active duty service members, adult family members, retirees, and civilians employed on MCAS Yuma.

To look for careers that match your abilities, interest and values, complete Kuder Journey or O*Net. To search for colleges that are approved for tuition assistance, click on the TA Decide link. To view your military transcripts, click on the JST link.

Financial Aid & Scholarships


The Education Center has created a Guide to Academic and Financial Aid that lists valuable information for researching colleges, financial aid and scholarship information, Military Spouse Career Advancement Account (MYCAA), and websites to help you find discounted text books. Please stop by the Education Center to receive your free copy.


In order to qualify for financial aid, most academic institutions require students to complete and submit a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).  The FAFSA can be completed online at  Please be aware that individual institutions have their own deadline.  To be sure that you are eligible to receive financial aid, file this application by the earliest deadline, whether it is the federal, state, or institution’s deadline.  Remember to renew your application annually in order to receive new assistance and/or continue to receive assistance.


The Education office provides a listing of scholarships for service and family members to review.  A couple of general websites that will search scholarships for you once you create an account are:

In order to use these sites, you must enter extensive information about yourself including age, mailing address, ethnicity, career objectives, academic background, student activities, etc.  The site then uses the data to generate personalized information on colleges, internships, jobs, and scholarships.]


The Military Spouse Career Advancement Accounts Program (MyCAA) is a career development and employment assistance program sponsored by the Department of Defense’s (DoD) Spouse Education and Career Opportunities (SECO) program.

MyCAA helps military spouses pursue licenses, certificates, certifications, or Associates Degree (excluding Associates Degrees in General Studies, Liberal Arts, and Interdisciplinary Studies that do not have a concentration) necessary for gainful employment in high demand, high growth, Portable Career Fields and Occupations.

GI Bill Benefits


The Education Office offers a MGIB and Post 9/11-GI Bill brief that presents the differences between the two benefits, the application process, and the transfer of benefits.  Please contact the Education Office for information on dates and time of the brief. For more information about the MGIB and Post 9/11-GI Bill, please click on the links below.

Schools on Station


Arizona Western College is a 2-year community college that offers Occupational Certificates and Associate’s Degrees.  They offer classes on the station, online and throughout Yuma County.

AWC MCAS Yuma Office
Education Center, Bldg. 850, Room #112
Phone: (928) 317-7605 or (928) 317-7626
Hours: Monday - Thursday 8:00am - 4:00pm
Friday 8:00am - 12:00pm



The Education Center proctors the following exams:


The American College Testing is an admission requirement for some colleges. The ACT consists of four tests that measure academic development in English, Mathematics, Reading, and Science Reasoning. The Assessment provides scores on the four tests, a composite score, and seven sub scores which provide more detailed information concerning an individual's academic development. Approved calculators are permitted but not required. Up to two ACT (no writing) exams are reimbursed per lifetime of service for eligible service members. Study guides are available at the Education Center, Station Library, or online at


The Armed Forces Vocational Classification Test is a comprehensive test that measures knowledge of science, math, vocabulary, reading, mechanics, electronics, auto mechanics, and clerical skills. This test is used by all branches of the military as a predictor of success when working in a Military Occupational Specialty (MOS). Study guides are available at the Station Library or online.


College exams can be proctored at the Education Center if approved by your school.  This free service is available to active duty, dependents, reservists, and civilians aboard MCAS-Yuma. Please contact the Education Center at (928) 269-3248 to arrange for testing.


The Defense Language Aptitude Battery is an 82 minute test that military services use to measure a service member's ability to learn a foreign language.


The DLPT (Defense Language Proficiency Test) is designed for individuals who are already fluent in a specific foreign language needed by the military.


The GED Locator consists of 5 tests, one for each GED subject area.  The GED locator measures the level of study for each area.  If preparation is needed, individualized lessons will be created utilizing workbooks and DVDs to assist in preparing for the GED test. Please call (928) 269-5614 for more information.


The Oral Proficiency Interview (OPI) is a standardized procedure for the global assessment of functional speaking ability. It is a telephonic interview between a certified American Council on Teaching Foreign Languages (ACTFL) tester and an examinee that determines how well a person speaks a language.


SAT (Scholastic Aptitude Test) scores are used as a college admission requirement and student placement instrument. The SAT is a reasoning test that consists of 10 sections that measure critical reading, mathematics, and writing. Up to two SAT (with optional essay) exams are reimbursed per lifetime of service for eligible service members. Study guides are available at the Education Center, Station Library or online.


The TABE (Test of Adult Basic Education) is a 90-minute multiple-choice test that measures an individual's knowledge of math, reading, and language. This test is used to qualify an active duty member with an ASVAB GT score of 99 or below for Tuition Assistance and for verification of a service member’s reading comprehension level.



OASC and CPSTS are interactive, online courses designed for individuals who want to build math and verbal skills, pass exams, advance their careers or continue their education.  The OASC focuses on basic skills training for math, reading, and vocabulary while the CPST program focuses on college-level skills training for math, English, language arts and essay writing.  The programs are fully funded by the DoD for Active Duty, Selected Reserve military members, DoD civilians, and their family members.

Tuition Assistance

Tuition Assistance

TA offers financial assistance to service members who elect to pursue Off-Duty or Voluntary Education.  TA will fund up to $250 per semester hour or equivalent with a maximum of $4,500 per fiscal year. TA may be used for high school equivalency, vocational/technical certification, Associate, Baccalaureate, and Master/Professional degrees. However, funding will not be authorized for duplicate degrees, double majors or degrees lower than currently held by the service member. The only exception is that service members are eligible to obtain one certificate regardless of degree(s) currently held.


First time tuition assistance users must complete the Tuition Assistance (TA) brief. This brief can be completed online following the Review Tuition Assistance Training link below or in-person. 

The in-person Tuition Assistance Brief is held at the Education Center, Building 850 on Wednesdays from 1000-1130 on a walk-in basis. Space is limited so be sure to arrive early.

The TA brief covers Voluntary Education’s programs and services, tuition assistance policies and procedures, and steps to complete to prepare for an academic and career counseling appointment.


A Tuition Assistance (TA) application must be submitted online via the WEB TA portal and only one class per application is allowed. If a service member is eligible to take two classes at a time, two separate applications are required. Once the application is complete, it will be submitted via email to the service member’s Officer in Charge (OIC) or Unit Education Officer (UEO). Once the OIC/UEO approves it, the application will be forwarded to the Education Center for approval. If the Education Center approves the application, an email will be sent to the service member to go back to the WEB TA portal to print off their Tuition Assistance Authorization Form and submit it to their school to pay for the course. Click here for step by step instructions.

*Note: The Tuition Assistance Application must be approved by the Command and Education Center before the start date of the student’s course.


Contact Information

Voluntary Education

850 Shaw Ave Bldg 850
Yuma, AZ 85365

Phone: 9282693248

Fax: 9282693334

DSN: 2693248

Education Specialist : 9282695614

Education Officer: 9282693589

Follow Voluntary Education:

Monday 7:30AM–4PM
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Saturday CLOSED
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